and  special  events  decor 

Wowzer. Definitely one of my favourite pictures of this lady.  Such a beautiful spirit.  All this magic was captured by Crystal, who always manages to amaze me!

In another life, I will live deep within the forest and wear untamed blooms in my hair always. In this life, this is my backyard and the beautiful creatures that helped bring my vision into focus are some of my best friends. Reality is sometimes more beautiful than make-believe. We are all so truly blessed by the beauty that surrounds us everyday. 

I hope these images make you happy. So much of what I love went into this one!

Flower crown recipe; Black Baccara Roses, Deep blue jackpot Eryngium,  Pink Heather and Coral Fern.

boho beauty

I am truly in awe of the lushness that our West coast forests have to offer. The colours, sounds and smells of it all make me thankful everyday that we can be so wild and carefree.  xoxoxo Aspen 

Flowers, wardrobe and styling; Wild Valley Flowers and special events decor 

Photography; Crystal Clear Photography

Hair; Megan, owner and stylist at Hairpins salon 

Makeup; Chloe, stylist at  Hairpins salon 

​Model; Farrin Lavallee,  a stone cold fox.