and  special  events  decor 

Flowers and styling; Wild Valley flowers and special events decor

Photography; Crystal Clear Photography

Hair; Megan, owner and stylist at Hairpins Salon

Makeup; Chloe, stylist at Hairpins Salon 

Model; the beautiful Teniqua Welsh

Wardrobe; models own gorgeous wedding dress

A big round of applause for my beautiful sister Teniqua who bared the cold and looked incredible doing it, and to Mother Nature, who can be so unpredictable and gives us snow when we were thinking we were gonna get sun!!!!    xoxox Aspen 

Wooden crates made by Wild valley flowers and will soon be available for rent or purchase in the rental decor section.

Bridal bouquet recipe; Green Antique Hydrangea, Feather Eucalyptus, White Wax flower, Succulents and Air plants.

I guess its kinda obvious how I feel about succulents and air plants.... I really really love them!!!!

             Garden inspiration 

​My love of nature runs deep. I tend to think and design with a more natural aesthetic, don't get me wrong I love some crazy high fashion and glam, but if I'm being true to my roots, I always get led back to nature. I wanted to showcase that even on one of the most meaningful days of your lives,               think green!!